Check out an Art Piece my Team created for a new APP “Mr. Popular”

Hey everyone! It was an honor to work with an app development company in Silicon Valley. Here is one of the art pieces we created for this app. Let us know what you think—- Like it if you think its cool. Also, what do we need to improve.

Also, check out their new website.  Super cool APP coming out July 2015.   

Also: Be sure to Like them on Facebook so you can stay updated on the art pieces we create for them:


Update: They are raising funds for advertising to make this app go viral. Be sure to support them if you like this App idea:

Main screen-2


4 thoughts on “Check out an Art Piece my Team created for a new APP “Mr. Popular”

  1. very cool graphic… I especially enjoy the color choices (saturated colors and strong use of complementaries)! Also, I appreciate the use of both linear and atmospheric perspective in the creation of the illusion of depth. Congrats. – Gabriel

  2. Nice design! I enjoy the cast of characters that you’ve included in the background. Your use of graphic style exudes the feeling of fun that this app is all about.

  3. In reference to the website: I think the picture is nice so here is a nice bonus. but need more images / illustrations to show as only one image for every page of the app is little.
    These need not be of the app itself. but may be something that relate to the product they are selling. for example image here.
    Another example that comes to mind is an image of messaging sent from the app, or abundant notifications. I agree that in the simple is the answer, but you have to simplify everything that encloses your product.
    maybe they can do on the main page (home) the photo you already. after a new photo “get fake text messages”
    one for “Fake your popularity”
    and one more to “impress your family and friends”

    Deputy link as I like to see the composition of the main image:

    For “impress your family and Friends”
    add mayusculas to prayer. small details make the difference.

    Nice Work!!

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