How to Draw Sulley Easy (Monsters University)

STEP 1. Make a large guide shape for Sulley’s head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

1 how-to-draw-mike

Step 2: Here you will use the shape you just made to define the shape of Sulley’s head. The lining should be hairy and shaggy.

2 how-to-draw-mike-

Step3: Next, draw the horns, then add stripes to the horns for texture detailing.

3 left right brain

Step 4: Here you will draw out the brows, then draw the round shapes for each eye as well as the pupils. Sketch in the detailing and definition around and under Sulley’s eyes, then move to step five.

4 how-to-draw-mike-

 Step 5: You will now have to sketch in the detailing around Sulley’s face, then draw in the nose and nostrils.

5 how-to-draw-mike-

Step 6: Lastly, draw Sulley’s mouth then draw in the teeth as well. Give him some lip detailing too before you erase the mistakes.

6 how-to-draw-mike

Step 7: Here is Sulley all finished and ready to color in. Now you have a drawing to show off.

7 how-to-draw



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